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The Three Biggest Blocks to...

Why you aren't Starting your Instagram Income Journey and how to START ASAP


Raina Balsam

Make $327 pure profit by reselling an incredible course that teaches you how to make WAY MORE MONEY ONLINE and sets up all your backend systems to make money online selling THIS current course. 

Best Part is: 

You can start reselling the course as SOON as you buy the course! IE you can start making money asap, from your very first resell. 

(its pretty easy to convince someone to buy a course they can resell for pure profit ASAP, with zero turn around time until your first sale. It's great for anyone who has lots of followers and wants to promote a high quality digital marketing course that teaches you EVERYTHING about making money and branding online in 2024, and for people who have ZERO FOLLOWERS - and will to sell to the people who are ALSO scouring instagram for ways to make money.

Which takes us to.... ME! 

HI! I am Raina Balsam, Orthodox Jewish Mama of three boys and I was TIRED of seeing all the Affiliate Marketers on Instagram showing everyone how much they made. 

I was also SUPER confused. I did NOT get how affiliate marketing worked, and I did NOT get how they were making all their money from it. I got they had a lot of followers, but I still couldn't understand how they were making THAT much money. (you know who I am talking about!) 

I took the 7 dollar course and I guess gained a bit.... but still confused and unsure. Joined the 14 day free hustle phil challenge... and my head was spinning from the ten million emails a day I was being sent. 

I was inspired by abundancewithdaisy growing so fast, but I still didn't get how all the money was being made... and I didn't feel drawn to buy the roadmap because I felt it was ALREADY getting old the amount of times I had seen people post about it.  

I knew in my soul I was meant to make money on the gram, and I WOULD do it, even if I didn't have clarity on how I was going to do it yet. After two weeks of stalking other accounts, trying to learn from other instagram accounts who were making money withOUT a following, but with just a really good offer and sales plan, I FINALLY GOT IT. 

I had my AHA moment. I finally figured it out! after wanting this and being on the fence for a month suddenly it all clicked and I realized ALL I HAD TO DO was just jump in and buy THIS course, because I could resell it, and then help others resell it too, so EVERYONE could be making more money. 


WIN - WIN - WIN - win!!!! 



abundance mindset baby...


And that's my secret sauce. I am a creativity coach - I can help you sell this to your target client - who guess what - is JUST LIKE YOU. 

so all you have to do is go thru the exact same process YOU went thru and help the other random person on the internet who also wants to make money just like you did, and help them. do we see the magic here? 

Once I realized that every day longer I sat on the fence was COSTING ME $327, I decided that's it. I am starting NOW! its Jan 25th, 25 days late starting a new years resolution, but its better than starting even later than that by still being on the fence! $327 is cheap enough for an impulse buy. Your impulse on this one will probably lead you right this time, because you finally get the potential of this, that you can resell this course to ANYONE that wants to make money (lots of people out there man) OR sell the software this course comes with to already successful people who are sick of paying 10 different providors for 10 different things, and freedom formula has it all.

Whew, ok enough about me. here's it all step by step:

Step one: You buy the course

Step two: You go thru the first couple modules to see that its actually INCREDIBLE quality, and really good info (took me 10-30 min on 2x speed)

Step three: You go to the FAST TRACK option, get your affiliate resell link for the course, and you copy and paste it into your stripe account, or automatic paypall/zelle/venmo automatic in the thank you message when a total of $327 is paid for. 

step four: you put that link to your bio 

step five: you post trending audio reels of anything (gifs, your dog, your cat, your mom, your kid, nature, whateevverrrr) telling people they can make $327 from this video. (which is true - if they buy the course in YOUR bio, get their link, and sell it for $327!) Stupid easy. instagram= free marketing, limitless audience. 

step six: You start making sales, after one sale you've paid off your initial investment, and so after that you basically have a now paid off asset that can make you  pure profit money every time you post a reel.



also, this course is NEW - less than a week and a half old- by you buying it NOW, you have a MUCH greater chance of selling it to the 2.2 billion instagram users the FASTER you buy it - bc soon more and more people will be trying to sell it to you as opposed to you selling it to them and making $$$$$$$$ in your pocket!!

kk i'm done cant talk anymore or convince you its all in your hands now baby do you jump and fly or do you run away and STAY ON THAT FENCE LONGERRRR???? 




FF LOGO 3.png

PS: all of these marketing materials comes in an easy to download link with the course for you to resell! You do NOT need a domain or website to sell this course, you can add these to your stories to explain the course, and you can legit set up a link.tree or the first modules teach you how to collect your first payment linked to your bank account! xx raina 

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